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If you’re an existing member, you can get help any time by logging in to your account on The Knot Pro. Members can use The Knot Pro to update their storefront information and photos, manage their reviews, access their tracking dashboard, and more.

To join The Knot Pro Network by listing your business or upgrading your current presence, including upgraded storefronts, online ads, email blasts, and print advertising, contact an Account Executive by calling (800) 843-4983 or emailing Want to get started right away? You can sign up and start creating your profile instantly here.

If you’re an existing member and need help with anything else, you’re in luck! All memberships come with an account strategist who will be with you every step of the way—from activating your Storefront and understanding performance metrics, to optimizing your page and helping you plan how to get wedding clients. Contact your Account Strategist (877) 331-7752 or email us at