5 Amazing Production Projects That Went Into Creating The Knot Gala 2017

By now, we’re sure that you’ve seen all the gorgeous details from our 2017 gala — in photos, or even better, in person. From fantastical creatures to digital butterflies, there were countless eye catching moments. But all of these details needed something to stand on (or dance on). That’s why we wanted to show off the amazing work by production company HITECH Events, LLC. Founder Brion Shemeley and his team designed and constructed gorgeous structures throughout The Knot Gala. As the production company for the gala, HITECH Events, LLC provided the backbone for the entire event design. We totally agree with Planner & Designer for The Knot Gala Emily Clarke, who said producer Brion Shemeley was “truly our hero at the Gala”. Here, 5 production projects that the talented Brion and his team at HITECH Events, LLC created for The Knot Gala 2017, featuring photos by Hechler Photographers.

1. The Mirrored 4 Column Elyx Vodka Bar


2. The Custom Main Stage Built To Fit Perfectly In Historical New York Public Library

Hechler-B_8626 (1)Hechler-B_8706.JPG

3. The Gold Mirrored Dance Floors


4. The Cyclone Style Bar with Raised DJ Platform


5. The Larger-Than-Life Photo Op Walls


Photo: Banga Studios

P.S. Check out more from HITECH Events, LLC on Instagram @hitecheventsllc! Their creativity when it comes to production design and fabrication is unmatched.

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