It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Leave Reviews on

Incorporating reviews into every client journey is a non-negotiable step if you’re looking to expand your wedding business and build trust. And now for the shameless plug and tout: It’s easier than ever for couples to leave reviews of your business on

We’ve made some product enhancements to reviews process over the past several months. And it’s all live on our site just in time for summer so that you can work to get all your recent, amazing weddings paying it forward. See for yourself how easy it is for your couples to submit a glowing review to your storefront after their wedding…

Send Them To Reviews Page

reviews guide 1

Couples can review you in one of two ways. One way is to have them go to The Knot Reviews Page. From there, they simply search your name and leave a review from there.

OR Just Send Them a Link to Your Storefront on

Untitled presentation (2)

The second way is to direct them to your storefront on The Knot. Send them a link to your page, then have them click the button that says “Write A Review” (right after your contact info). Referring them back to your storefront will remind them of all your glowing reviews they read on there before they booked you. Win win!

Next, They Rate You! (Nope, They Don’t Need to Sign In First)

reviews guide 2

So instead of logging in first, your couples can get right to it by rating you (five out of five of course). After they’ve chosen a rating, they’ll be asked to leave any comments.

Then, They’ll Leave A Few Comments And Select Their Role (Nope, It Doesn’t Have To Be The Bride or Groom — Could Be Their Mom!)

reviews guide 3

The reviewer doesn’t have to be a bride or groom. We know that in some cases, the mother of the groom or bride had a lot to do with the decisions made. That’s why we ask. So after they’ve rated you, added a few comments, they just need to tap on their role (bride, groom, or loved one). This is also helpful for future couples so that they understand whose perspective the review came from!

Last? They Verify Their Account With Their Email & Password (Easy Peasy)Untitled presentation (1)

Once they’ve finished their review, they just need to enter their email and password to log in (confirm they’re a member of The Knot) and submit the review. So easy right?

By the way, Best of Weddings winners (awards given to those who have lots of rave reviews) will be announced at the end of the year. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your clients submitting.

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