Average Age of a Bride and Groom Is On The Rise

Every year, thousands of couples take The Knot Real Weddings Survey and 2016 was no different. Among all of our findings — from average cost of a wedding to the most popular month to get engaged — we also take note of the vitals, like age. Turns out, average age is on the rise for couples planning their weddings. (Psst: Average spend is too.)

Nguyen_DespeinesJr._AutumnHarrisonPhotography_DSC9958Editcopy_0 (1)

Photo: Autumn Harrison Photography


Average Age of a Woman Planning Her Wedding: 29 (up from 28 in 2008)

  • 88% are age 18-34
  • 12% are age 35+

Average Age of a Man Planning His Wedding: 31 (up from 30 in 2008)

  • 80% are age 18-34
  • 20% are age 35+

Among Engaged Women…

  • 78% are college graduates (up from 68% in 2008)
  • 27% have a graduate degree (up from 20% in 2008

Among Engaged Men…

  • 64% are college graduates
  • 18% have a graduate degree


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