While the calendar year may be coming to a close, Proposal Season has just begun. Only we’ve got the scoop on how they’re poppin’ the question, dropping hints and more–and we’re sharing it all with you!

She’s dropping hints:
  • 51% of men reported their fiance pointed out ring styles while shopping
  • 36% of brides-to-be told their fiancee out, outright, exactly what they wanted
  • 33% dropped a hint by making comments “in passing”
  • 11% left advertisements or photos lying around
  • 9% enlisted in the help of family and/or friends to drop a hint
Tradition still everything:
  • Among LGBTQ couples, 46% of women and 42% of men as permission from their partner’s family before proposing
  • Among all couple, 85% of men got down on one knee
  • 89% of proposers report saying the actual words, “will you marry me?”

While Proposal Season is in full swing, we’ll be providing you your weekly fix on proposal season stats, news, and more–so keep an eye out!

Photography: (L) Stephanie Drenka (R) Annie & David

Source: The Knot Jewelry & Engagement Study, 2015

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