The Abridged Millennial English Dictionary

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With the rise of social media and texting came an entirely new way of communicating–so if you’re having trouble understanding what Millennial couples are saying to you, you’re not the only one!

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you roll with the cool kids:

Bae: Today’s cool way of saying ‘my love’ or ‘my boo.’ Technically an acronym for ‘before anyone else.’) ‘Me and Bae are at the movies!’

Basic: Unoriginal, uncool, average. Example: ‘That mocha Frappuccino is so basic.’

Lit: Hopping, exciting, awesome. ‘That party is going to be so lit.’

Thirsty: Desperate, craving attention. ‘That guy is so thirsty. He is always texting me.’

Squad: A posse or crew. ‘My squad will be there.’

Yaassss: An overly enthusiastic way of saying, ‘Yes!’ [Photo of a delicious piece of cake] ‘YAASSSS!’

V: It means ‘very,’ as in ‘I’m V excited about my wedding day blooms!’

Swag: Used to describe someone with style who doesn’t really care.

I can’t even: Watch out for this one! It means losing patience, at a loss for words or pretty annoyed about something.

On fleek: On point, excellent.

Bookmark this page so you can quickly reference it the next time you come across an unfamiliar millennial word phrase!

Photography: Alison Conklin Photography

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