Local Search Just Got More Competitive

Local Search Just Got More Competitive

When you search for a local business on Google right now, results yield three local businesses and a link saying “More Places”. As you can imagine, few people click the “More Places” link — so the top three spots are where you want your business to appear.


Change is coming. At the recent SMX Conference, Google announced it will soon be adding a paid ad to local search results — limiting the number of top spots to two (as opposed to three).

What’s this mean for you? You need to step up your SEO game. Here’s how to do it:

Get more reviews. Google shows star-ratings for businesses within search engine results, and even in some pay-per-click ads. If you’re not actively going to your clients and asking for a review, you’re missing out. Psst, your reviews on TheKnot.com count!

Make sure you’re listed on an Online Business Directory (like TheKnot.com)! Google pulls information from online directories into their search engine results. To get optimal results and rank higher in Google search, you should sure that your Storefront on TheKnot.com is complete. That includes filling out your business description, having lots of great photos, including your business hours, etc.

Get up a leg up on your SEO game. Log in to My Account to request reviews and update your Storefront today.

Source: GeoMarketing; “Local Businesses: How to Rank Your Business’ Website in Google Local Search Results

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