5 Marketing Changes You Should Consider Making

Wedding pros ask us all the time, “Why are couples not responding to my emails?”.  Here at The Knot Pro Network, one of our most important jobs it to help you answer questions like these, so we got to work.

After connecting with real couples through testing and focus groups, we learned how you can keep Conversations going with potential clients and book more business–and it all comes down to improving all the ways you’re communicating with today’s couples!

Ready to keep Conversations going? Here are 5 marketing changes you need to make to now:

  1. Simplify your email signature
    • Cut it down to one link, one brand element, and your most valued award. A long email signature can look overwhelming on mobile.
  2. Update your email response templates:
    • If you’ve been seeing a decline in responses to your current email templates, it’s time to kick it up a notch and start testing out new templates. Start by editing down your emails to 200 words or less and only using one link.
  3. Get personal with your Storefront:
    • Start by adding/updating a headshot and personal bio to your Storefront. Make sure to highlight your personal brand and speak to your ideal customer.
  4. Keep your website up-to-date:
    • Update your photography to make sure it represents your best (and most recent!) work.
    • Make sure all of your links are working (especially on mobile!)
    • Don’t bury your contact info–couples need to be able to find it in less than 3 clicks.
  5. Respond quickly: 
    • Research shows that responding to a client within 30 minutes of inquiry increases your close rate by 10x.

Pro Tip: Start implementing these marketing changes now to help you prep for booking more wedding business in 2017!


Source: Lead Response Management Study, 2013

Photography: Milo + Olin Photography

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