3 Secrets To Instagram Success


The rumors are true…Instagram’s new algorithm is finally here.

What’s this mean? Instead of showing content in chronological order, Instagram now shows users what it thinks they want to see (think Facebook).

Panicking? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Add these 3 strategies to your Instagram game plan to keep your wedding biz on top of couples’ newsfeed:

  • Use #hashtags. Hashtags help organize content for users under relevant categories, so users are easily able to find what they’re looking for–and make sure to only use hashtags relevant to your business! 
  • Think quality, not quantity. If you’re posting multiple times a day without seeing an increase in engagement, your posts may become devalued with the new algorithm. Instead, post less frequently and focus on better content — you’ll get more engagement and posts will reach more of your followers. 
  • If you haven’t experimented with video yet, now is the time. According to Instagram, video engagement has increased by 40% over the past six months. A video can be much more exciting than a still photo — plus it has the benefit of showing you how many people viewed your post.

Instagram’s new algorithm is here to stay, so start implementing these today!

Source: Wishpond “Instagram Algorithm Changes: 7 Strategies to Employ Right Now

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