Instagram Is Open For Business

A lot has happened with Instagram in 2016.


The good news is, all the changes are focused on creating a better experience for businesses, like yours! Here’s a breakdown of all the latest changes that have happened and what they mean for your business:

Instagram Business Profiles are here.

  • Instagram’s new business profiles come with tools and analytics (think Facebook) to help you succeed on Instagram.

Boost Your Instagram Posts.

  • Instagram’s new business profiles “promote” option allows you to “boost” Instagram posts just like you do with Facebook posts.
  • Once you have access to the new business profiles, your Facebook billing info with sync up to your Instagram account, and you’ll be able to promote Instagram posts right from the Instagram app!

Instagram has restricted access to it’s API.

  • The only place you can view your Instagram home feed is in Instagram itself (meaning no more Iconosquare or Flipboard).
  • If you’re using a free reposting app, you’ll likely need to update to an Instagram-approved reposting app now.

That’s all for now! We’ll keep you posted with any new Instagram updates. 

Source: Later “Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Changes in 2016”

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