What is “Paying it Forward?”

For the next few weeks, reception venue expert (and a member of The Knot Ambassador Program!) BB Webb is taking over The Knot Pro Feed, giving you the in’s and out’s of how paying it forward can help you grow your wedding business!

So, what is paying it forward? We’ll let BB take it from here:

To me, ‘paying it forward’ suggests acts of generosity and kindness, thinking of others without a focus on a direct benefit to oneself. It’s all about being selfless and giving time or sharing your network with others, be it sharing a viable lead with a colleague, bringing a harried teammate a cup of coffee or something as simple as really listening.  The intention of ‘paying it forward’ makes a positive difference.

How lovely would it be if ‘paying it forward’ was practiced and recognized year-round, as opposed to just during the holidays. My team here at Carl House has fully embraced the notion of ‘paying it forward,’ and practice it daily amongst ourselves, with clients, prospects, vendors and other wedding pros with whom we work. Yet ironically, despite our best efforts to focus on others, ‘paying it forward’ has brought benefits to us way above and way beyond anything we could have ever imagined!  It’s a way to give back and see big returns, with little cost to your company. We’ve noticed that the more we ‘pay it forward’ the more it inspires others to do the same–it’s like magic!

Activist and author, Gloria Steinem wrote, “We have to behave as if everything we do matters, because it might.” So when participating in the act of giving, I always think about how the action will make a positive difference.”

Stay tuned for my next blog post with ideas on how paying it forward can start with your brand!  

BB Webb is a Knot Ambassador, owner of ‘The Knot Best of Weddings’ event venue, Carl House and an author, speaker and business consultant with a passion for helping business owners grow their businesses!   To learn more about BB and her work, visit www.carlhouse.com and www.arrivingwithbbwebb.com 


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