Webinar Recap: LGBT Wedding Insights and Opportunities

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Miss our recent webinar on LGBT Wedding Insights and Opportunities? No problem! We have all the highlights from The Knot LGBT Weddings Study, including details on who our same-sex couple is, style trends, and so much more. Check it out:

They’re affluent. LGBT couples are estimated to bring an additional $2.6B dollars to the local wedding economy over next 3 years and have an average HHI of $103,980.

Proposals are traditional. 25% asked permission from family members before popping the question, and for 71% the proposal was a total surprise.

They put a ring on it. 36% of men and 56% of women exchanged rings at the proposal and 9 in 10 purchased a new ring.

Less formal. On average, 52% said their wedding was casual and unique.

Plan on-the-go. 60% relied heavily on mobile devices while planning their wedding.

Reviews are key. 81% look to reviews when seeking LGBT wedding pros.

Style matters. 55% of men and 13% of women wore matching outfits, 73% of men wore a suit/tux and 27% kept things casual.

A wedding doesn’t happen in a day. 40% of couples host a rehearsal dinner, 80% have an after-party.

It’s an intimate affair. 2 in 3 have a wedding party,  9 in 10 have less than 150 guests.

Pros bring it all together. 6 in 10 hire a professional venue, ceremony site and cake baker.

Create a unique experience. 89% agree  the personalized elements of their wedding showcased their unique personality.

It’s all in the details. 83% agree their guests’ enjoyment was most important when planning the wedding, 50% have a traditional tiered wedding cake, 1 in 5 have a signature cocktail at their reception

Want to connect with LGBT couples and grow your wedding business? Get more tips from The Knot experts here.

Photo: Stephanie W Photography

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