5 Tips for Working With LGBT Couples

Did you know?
Next year LGBT weddings are expected to add another $2.6B to the wedding industry! That’s a huge opportunity for your business.
Over 95% of LGBT couples agree that wedding pros need to communicate that they’re LGBT-friendly. So how do you connect with couples in this growing market? Check out our top 5 tips and book more business today!


Show You’re LGBT-Friendly

  • Update your website to show your support
  • Be inclusive of all couples by changing your language from bride/groom to couples
  • Showcase photos of same-sex weddings you’ve worked on

It’s All in The Details

  • Don’t insult or turn-off couples, make sure all of your sales and marketing materials are inclusive
  • Update pronouns you use in your contracts to be neutral (e.g. bride + groom –> couple)

Get Social

  • Post photos of same-sex weddings you’ve worked on–be sure to tag the photographer
  • Follow or like companies/content that is LGBT-inclusive (e.g. HRC or The Gay Wedding Institute)
  • Florists–show photos featuring two boutonnieres or two bouquets
  • Re-tweet or like images from other pros featuring same-sex couples
  • Use trending hashtags such as #loveislove, #lovewins, #grooms, #brides

Stay Up on The Lingo

  • Learn, understand and use the terminology that is important to the couple
  • Become an expert and educate guests too–60% of LGBT couples agree guests could use advice/services when navigating LGBTQ wedding etiquette
  • Check out The Gay Wedding Institute and Halls of Ivy for tips on terminology

Create New Traditions

  • Focus on creating new traditions for your couples
  • Avoid using words like “traditionally” or “normally,” instead focus on personalizing the day
  • There are NO RULES so you will truly be creating an authentic & personalized wedding for them
  • Check out more tips for creating new traditions here

LGBT weddings are a huge opportunity for your business, so show them you are willing and able to help all couples, regardless of sexual orientation plan their big day!

Miss our LGBT webinar? You can catch the full recording here.

Photography: Elana Jamie

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