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We get so excited when a new The Knot Regional Magazine hits the newsstands (like our Spring/Summer 2016 issue that’s coming out now).  It’s pages are full of planning tips, advice, and inspiration from local wedding pros (like you!) to help couples pull off their dream wedding. The Magazines wouldn’t be as valuable or as beautiful as they are without the people #bts (behind-the-scenes) making it happen.

We got to chat with Susan Berryman, our Managing Editor, about how The Knot Regional Magazines have evolved over the years, her favorite trend right now and why she loves what she does. Take a peek below!

Office location: Omaha, Nebraska

How many years have you been working at The Knot? Nearly 16 years — I started on February 28, 2000. Fun fact: Most of my Omaha office teammates were still in elementary school when I joined The Knot!

What is your favorite part of your role at The Knot? There are days when I sit back and ponder how I managed to get so lucky. I am forever grateful that I get to play a (small) part in helping couples plan one of the most important, uplifting milestones in their lives. I’m also constantly in awe of the amazing, talented people that I work with on a daily basis. Their excitement and enthusiasm make coming to work every day anything but a chore.

Why do you think couples read The Knot Regional Magazines? I’ve always felt like our content speaks to every couple — It’s informative but not preachy, edgy yet still attainable. It doesn’t matter if your style is natural and organic or sleek and modern, you’ll find ideas, inspiration, and the right professionals to help you pull it all together within the pages of our Magazines.

What has the evolution of The Knot Regional Magazines looked like since you started almost 16 years ago? Sixteen years ago, we had 53 (gulp!) regional bridal magazines that we published twice a year. We combined a number of those markets into the 16 regions we serve today and in the process have created publications filled with inspiration, planning assistance, and a network of all the best local pros a couple needs to pull off a one-of-a-kind celebration.


With over 70% of the content found in each The Knot Regional Magazine local to each region, what’s your process for uncovering so much local information for each issue? We couldn’t do it without the outstanding support we receive from our local partners. Our editorial team relies heavily on our account executives and relationships with key local experts to help us find the best, most current information on trends in the marketplace.

What is your favorite wedding trend right now? A year ago my family spent the weekend at a state park and we brought home a geode as a souvenir. I loved geodes as a kid — rough and dirty on the outside, but sparkly and colorful on the inside. Imagine how thrilled I was when I started seeing geodes and agate pop up in our real weddings! It’s the unexpected details that really create a meaningful celebration, and it’s so fun to see the many different ways our couples are incorporating geodes into their weddings. We even created our own style feature (By the Elements) highlighting geodes for our Spring/Summer 2016 Magazines.  

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Dreaming of seeing you work in The Knot Magazines? Dream no more! Submit your photos before these deadlines

Photography: Corbin Gurkin Photography

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