Creating new traditions through same-sex weddings

95% of same-sex couples consider their marriage a wedding, but when it comes to planning the event, they’re reinventing the wheel.


So, what does this mean for you? When working with same-sex couples, make sure to help them focus on creating new traditions unique to them! Try to avoid saying things like we “normally” or “traditionally” do this or that because there are no rules. You’re creating something authentic to the couple.

Here are a few fun ways LGBT couples are paving the way for new traditions:

  • Mixing up the party by removing gender roles. Bridesmaids are groomsmen and groomsmen can be the bride’s or groom’s attendant.
  • Ditching the traditional white dress. These days there are so many great wedding day outfit choices–and same-sex couples are taking advantage! From rompers and feminine suits, to unique twists on wedding gowns (like choosing shorter and more colorful options).
  • Walking down the aisle together. This is the beginning of a new life together, so why not start it by walking down the aisle together too?

Looking for more tips on working with LGBT couples? Register for our webinar here.

Source: The Knot LGBT Weddings Study, 2015; Buzzfeed

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