So, you want to be a social media marketing guru.

46% of couples are influenced by YOUR social media presence–that’s huge!


Today’s millennial couples are turning to social media to plan their wedding and discover talented wedding pros (like you!). So how do you get their attention? Find out below:

CONTENT IS KING: Different platforms demand different kinds of content. While your Facebook fans may want to see photos of you playing around with your new camera, Twitter followers may be more interested in wedding planning tips. Do some testing to discover what types of content engages fans and followers the most and then create content specific to each social platform.

THE TIME IS RIGHT: Schedule posts at different times of the day to learn when your fans engage with you the most. Also, check out this awesome infographic from HubSpot–it breaks down the optimal posting times for each social platform!

SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS: You want to create frequency for your fans–they’ll begin to expect fresh posts from you regularly. Plus, pre-scheduling your posts will help you stay clear of  content lulls (Busy weekend full of weddings? No problem.).

BE ACTIVE: 62% of millennials are more likely to become a loyal customer if brands engage with them on social, so don’t just wait around for a conversation to start. Get out there and start talking to couples (and brands) you love!

MAKE THEM LAUGH: 70% of millennials say their main reason for sharing content is that it makes them laugh. We’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s not about laughter it’s about emotion. Millennials want to connect with your content and your brand, so give them something to laugh about.

Looking for more social media tips? We’ve got you covered.

Photography: Aaron and Jillian Photography

Sources: HubSpot “The Best Time to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Top Social Networks [Infographic]; Buffer “How to Schedule Social Media Content for Next Week, Next Month and Next Year”, NewsCred “The Millennial Mind”

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