The Secrets To Promoting Your Local Business On Facebook


Facebook isn’t just to connect with friends and family, it’s also a powerful tool for businesses to market themselves, interact with clients and develop a brand identity.

Our social marketing guru did some digging and created a list of 5 ways you can use Facebook to promote your local business (without spending a dime!), check it out:

1. Use local images: Take photos with your brand around landmarks in town and share them on your page. It’s a great way to make connections with locals and drive brand recognition.

2. Share photos of happy clients: As Facebook page admin you can’t tag a fan unless you’re friends with them, so make sure to encourage couples to tag themselves in your photos!

3. Show fellow local pros a little love: A great way to create brand recognition with a local community is to interact with fellow local businesses. Create a cross-promotional social plan with some fellow local wedding pro and share their posts and tag them–this will also make you more visible to their fans and visa-versa.

4. Make your fans feel special: Facebook offers are a great way to increase your sales! Try something like “guess how many cookies are in this jar” and offer up a special offer or a gift to your fans–they’ll keep coming back to your page to see who the winner is!

5. Have fun! Facebook is where people go to lounge, browse and discover new things. It’s okay to post a silly, off-brand photo once in a while–people love a good laugh (and those photos often get the most engagement!).

Now it’s up to you! Remember, use Facebook to create awareness about your brand in your community, connect with both current and potential clients and network with fellow local wedding pros! 

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Source: Social Media Examiner; “How To Increase Facebook Visibility for Your Local Business”

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