Webinar Recap: Keeping It Real


Today’s millennials seek authenticity in the brands they do business with and they want to connect with you and your work in the most authentic ways, so…how do you keep it real?

Last week our own VP of Local Marketing and Insights, Jennifer Rosado, gave the inside scoop on how social media, real weddings, and print and digital marketing can sell your services while you sleep. Check out our webinar recap below:

  1. Real Couples: Understanding today’s couples, how they’re connecting and how their planning their wedding is key to booking more business!
    • Customization and personalization are in when it comes to planning their wedding
    • They’re always connected (90% use social media and almost one-third of the time spent online is on social media networks!)
    • Mobile is everything to millennials (93% found their phone more important than toothbrushes!)
  2. Real Marketing: Understanding the power of real wedding photography and how it’s critical to today’s marketing machine.
    • Engaged couples want inspiration from real wedding photography, and the network effect of a real wedding is huge!
  3. Real You: Couples want to work with brands who are real and authentic.
    • Be you
    • Show Gratitude
    • Get Reviews
    • Be real, but better!

Missed the webinar or want to hear it again? Listen to our here.



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