Webinar Recap: Generating Rave Reviews

5 Star Rating

Check out our latest webinar recap to discover the 7 top tips for generating rave reviews–then sit back and watch the reviews roll in:

  1. Be quick. Today’s millennials are always connected and expect a response in under an hour! So be quick with your inquiry responses.
  2. Diffuse the situation. Acknowledging negative feedback is the best way to calm the waters and protect your brands reputation.
  3. Be thoughtful. Writing reviews take time and effort, so be gracious when requesting and responding to reviews, and use a conversational/personal tone to show you really care!
  4. Be prepared. Customer service issues happen, make sure you and your employees have a process for handling all sorts of customer service issues.
  5. Don’t obsess. One unfavorable review won’t break your business. Read the review, do your best to handle the situation, then move on.
  6. Just ask. Make the review request process easy and personalized, it’s that simple.
  7. Make it a habit. Make requesting reviews as routine as checking your email or Facebook every morning.

Get more from our full webinar playback here!

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