The Knot Real Weddings Study


Deputy editor Kristin Maxwell Cooper and Director of Insights Howard Ladd of The Knot dished all things The Knot Real Weddings Study 2014 — from who “our” millennial couples are, to how much they’re spending, style trends and more! Check out the recap from Wedding MBA below:

They’re spending more than ever before. Wedding budgets continue to rise-with an average spend over $25,000 and 45% are going over their budget.

They’re putting the guest experience first. The average guest list is 136 (a decrease from 149 in 2009), yet the average spend per guest has increase from $194 to $233!

They’re creating a customized experience. More couples are opting to have unique details such as signature wedding cocktails (32% up from 11% in 2008) and guest entertainment.

They’re showing off their unique style.  While banquet halls, hotels, and country clubs are still popular venue options, about 40% are looking for more unusual venues that better reflect their personalities. More couples are shifting away from formal weddings and identifying their wedding style as casual.

They’re focusing on the party. Our couples are spending less on their ceremony and spending more on reception categories such as catering, musicians, and cake.

They’re taking their time. The average engagement length is 14 months, and 35% spend more than 12 months planning their wedding!

They’re going mobile with planning. Couples are researching everything from wedding pros (57%) to venues and gowns (61%) on their mobile devices.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Engage with today’s couple!

  1. Provide a unique and personalized experience
  2. Stay up-to-date with trends: attend industry events and follow blogs (i.e., The Knot)
  3. Use the technology and communication methods Millennial couples use the most


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