6 Ways to Rock your SEO


Dan Katz, Product Manager at The Knot, knows a thing or two about SEO. Check out his must-do activities for your website to move up the search rankings of the most prominent search engines:

  1. Think like a planning couple. Curate your site to highlight essential information that couples will want to easily access, especially on-the-go. You’d be surprised at how many wedding business websites we’ve visited where it took 4-5 clicks to find a phone number or email link.
  2. Content is king — be an authority. Great content will draw potential customers to your page and keep them there longer. Time spent and overall traffic to your website boosts your pagerank over time, even if your content isn’t constantly updated. Plus, pairing technical SEO with content marketing will help your search ranking. Connect with couples on social media, watch their comments on your blog and other blogs in your industry. What words are they using to talk about your services? Those are the words you need to use within your content.
  3. Make sure everything works… and works fast. Nothing degrades your search ranking like non-essential or broken elements like broken links, broken images, pop-ups and Flash video. Avoid Flash, it is not available on every device and will stall a user’s session. Focus on using HTML5 and Javascript.
  4. Get authority. Get listed on other sites that have authority, like other industry pros (e.g. venues and photographers) and major players like TheKnot.com, Two Bright Lights, Google My Business, and Yelp. Double check that your NAP (name, address and phone number) are accurate everywhere you’re listed. Once you’re up and running, TEST, TEST, TEST!
  5. Optimize photos and videos for search. No image or video on your site should be named “img234.jpeg”–use keywords. Just like traditional content, keywords are very important for photo and video SEO. Include tags that are meaningful to your target audience so they can find your content faster. And if you specialize in something like “fondant cakes” or “king cakes”, make sure you are tagging your photos and videos with these terms.
  6. Optimize for mobile. The mobile web grew 400% from 2010 to 2014 and more than 50% of searches are coming from mobile. To ensure that your website is mobile optimized, simplify your site to show the most essential information couples need. Make sure:
    • Photos and text have been sized for mobile readability
    • Clear call to action with an easy-to-click “Request Quote” button
    • Reviews are prominent and easy to access
    • Photo gallery button easy to find and press
    • One-click access to the vendor’s social pages

Not familiar with SEO lingo? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

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