The Digital You: Unlock The Secrets of Web Design


Consumers make a decision to stay on your website within 10 seconds. Have you ever gotten a lesson in UX (user experience) design? Our user experience design expert, Steve Dziedzic, dug into the 11 must-do tips for great web design at Wedding MBA this year. In case you missed it in person, learn how to delight “the mobile couple” via your own website below.

11 Must-do Tips for Great Web Design: 

  • Keep it simple. People process information easiest when it is displayed simply, orderly and flat. Screens and attention spans are getting smaller, so if couples don’t find what they need at first glance, they’ll look elsewhere. Design with mobile users in mind–avoid using drop shadows and rich textures and please avoid using music.
  • Know browsing habits. A Nielsen eye-tracking study showed that internet users read content in an F pattern and see photography in a Z pattern. Visitors don’t read the whole site, they scan (and mostly just the first two paragraphs). So communicate your most important content above the fold.
  • Use patterns. One popular design pattern that’s really easy to incorporate is the “card”–Pinterest does this really well. Identify a key component of your site, then present it as a card. When the user sees that shape and style a second, third, and fourth time, they’ll recognize and digest it much easier.
  • Be task-oriented. Users want to accomplish tasks, like viewing photography and scheduling appointments. So the questions to ask are; what are the things a couple needs to see in order to take action? and is my “contact” button easily findable?
  • Use compelling language. Use language that resonates with your audience. In some categories, “Request a Quote” converts 2x higher than “Contact Us”. Carefully choose your words.
  • Become a testing machine. Constantly change things up to see what works best. Take the amount of contacts you get and divide it by the number of overall visitors coming to your site–we call this a “conversion rate.” By making small changes and tracking your rate, you’ll be able to determine what works best.
  • Fall in love with “the why”. The smartest brands in the world say what they believe and communicate the “why”. The logical part of the brain processes data efficiently but the emotional part makes decisions. Make that emotional connection, like in example #2:
    1. Email #1: Thanks for emailing! We have premium quality flowers at great prices and I’d love to sit down with you to discuss.
    2. Email #2: Thanks for emailing! I just love creating stunning weddings through floral design. It’s why I got into this business: to create beautiful experiences for people like me and you. Let’s sit down and chat.
  • Show your face! Tell your story and show who you are. In fact, The Knot Storefronts with pro’s bio and photo receive 2x more conversions than those who don’t.
  • Show trust indicators. Place “trust content” like awards, reviews and testimonials on your homepage with links to outside content. Storefronts on with 10+ reviews have 2x more conversions than those with fewer than 3 reviews.
  • Respond quickly. If there is one thing you have total control over, it’s response time. Immediate response builds trust and says that you’ll be there for them when they need you. Also, millennials have gotten used to instant response…if they have to wait, they’re on to the next task or wedding pro.
  • Respond again. Users message between 3-5 wedding pros in addition to you. Decision fatigue is a very important concept to remember. Follow up again with unresponsive couples!

Bonus tip: Once you wow couples with your website and you meet them in person — offer them food. Hangry is a real thing.

Check out the 2 minutes video of Steve’s presentation here!

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