Wedding MBA Recap: Real Couples, Real Weddings, Real You

Co-founder of The Knot, Carley Roney, “kept it real” as she kicked off Wedding MBA in Las Vegas. Miss her speaking session on how to connect with today’s couples? Check out our recap!

Keeping it real, listening to our audience, helping to make their wedding their own and maintaining an authentic and realistic point of view and voice has always been part of The Knot DNA. Now more than ever, today’s couples want connect with brands that are authentic and whose work they can relate to.  For you to grow your wedding business, it’s increasingly critical for you to understand how best to market your brand and your work to connect best with today’s couple.  How do you do that? Check out our top three pillars for keeping it real!

  1. Real Couples – Understand today’s couple, how they’re connecting and how their planning their wedding is key to booking more business!
    • Customization and personalization are in when it comes to planning their wedding. Check out the results of our Real Weddings study to find out everything you need to know about how couples describe themselves and their wedding.
    • Today’s millennials are always connected. 90% of today’s couples use social media and almost one-third of the time spent online is on social networks. Also, they’re using social to find you! Almost half of couples are influenced by your social media presence–so if you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, now’s the time to get started!
    • Mobile is everything to millennials. 96% find mobile indispensable and 93% found their phone to be more important than toothbrushes–that’s huge!
    • Mobile and social are driving photo sharing. In fact, there are over 1.8 billion photos shared every day across social. When it comes to wedding planning, 82% of surveyed brides take or save weddings-related photos, 78% share wedding-related photos and 81% want to see more real weddings.
  2. Real Marketing – Understanding the power of real wedding photography and how it’s critical to today’s marketing machine.
    • Engaged couples want inspiration from real wedding photography, so showcase your work everywhere–post to social, get published, partner with fellow wedding pros to get more exposure and super- charge your social marketing.
    • The network effect of a real wedding is huge! Think about the couple and their guests sharing pics to social, then if it gets published, media amplifiers will grow the exposure for you and your work, then that content gets liked/shared/favorited–the potential impact and exposure is priceless.
  3. Real You – Couples want to work with brands who are real and authentic.
    • Be you by showing off your personality and work across your website and social.
    • Show gratitude by interacting with couples and fellow wedding pros on social. The more you tag, like and share, the more brand awareness you’ll generate.
    • Get reviews from couples that you really connect with and who will write an authentic review, and always respond to reviews. Reviews tell a strong story about you and your business.
    • Divide an conquer by doing more with less. That means using social media as one of your biggest marketing tools to get the word out about your accomplishments and your brand.
    • Be real, but better! Be where they are (MOBILE), be flexible about how you communicate with them (whether email, phone or text), be on-call and make yourself accessible, be quick to respond, and be present!

The explosion of real weddings photography and engaged couples’ thirst for seeing your work is your gateway to booking more business! So get to know today’s couples, get social and keep it real with everything that you do!

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