The Knot Ambassadors dish all things reception venues


The Knot Ambassadors took to Twitter this afternoon to chat about all things wedding reception venues for Reception Week on!

Reception Venue experts BB Web of Carl House and Chad Bordelon of Fleur de Lis Event Center answered questions real couples are asking and dished out the latest in tips and trends during a live Twitter Chat with The Knot. Check out the recap below:

The Knot:  What are the top 3 things couples should look for in a reception venue? 

  • @carlhouse: A suitable rain plan – Great venue team synergy – one-stop-shop options and attention to detail!
  • @ChadBordelon (A): Service, Service, and Service. Magic is created by highly prepared pro’s!
  • @ChadBordelon (B): Ambiance, Feel, Environment are also very important, try to attend an event if possible to see first hand.

The Knot: What’s the number 1 question a couple should ask before signing their venue contract? 

  • @carlhouse: They should understand the deposit guidelines and ask questions about anything that is unclear.
  • @ChadBordelon (A): What’s included? Or more important, what’s not included?
  • @ChadBordelon (B): What can or can’t be changed after signing.

The Knot: What’s the most common problem you see couples run into on their wedding day? And how can it be avoided? 

  • @carlhouse: Managing expectations during the booking & planning process. Ask questions and know what a venue can/can’t do for you.
  • @ChadBordelon: Starting late. Weddings cost about $100/minute so plan and be prepared.

The Knot: Now for a fun one! Favorite current reception trend? 

  • @carlhouse: Our brides LOVE the ‘Smore Station & Our Organic Gourmet Cotton Candy Station. They’re the bomb!
  • @ChadBordelon: Live Art: Have a live artist capture the look and feel of an event!

The Knot: Most over the top reception detail you’ve ever seen? 

  • @carlhouse: Lanterns, crystals & candles in our trees & a helicopter landing in the back field whisking away the B&G! Stellar!
  • @ChadBordelon: Photobooth streaming pictures to a projector so everyone could see pics (in a different room so the pics were authentic!)

The Knot: Last question! What advice do you have for couples just beginning their venue search? 

  • @carlhouse: Take your time, be clear about what you want, ask MANY questions and be sure you plan for the things most important to YOU BOTH!
  • @ChadBordelon: Find a venue that’s fully integrated into YOUR vision then book before anything and follow their advice from day 1!

That’s a wrap! Thank you to our Ambassadors, BB Web and Chad Bordelon for giving us your expert advice on all things reception venues.

Photography: Kylie Chevalier Photography

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