Webinar Recap: Elements of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns


Want to take your email marketing campaign up a notch? Check out the recap of our latest webinar, hosted by our very own Sara Ezrin Larsen, Director of Marketing and uncover the 6 most important elements of a successful email marketing campaign:

  1. The Subject Line: Your subject line determines if a reader will open your email or not, so make sure it captures their attention! It should speak to whatever value of your service you are offering the reader and it could be a dollar discount, a free gift or about your expertise in the wedding industry.
  2. The Pre-Header: Mobile devices pull the first line of text from any email into the inbox directly under the subject line — think of this as an opportunity to continue your subject line.
  3. The Headline: You have 3 seconds to grab the readers attention once they open your email. Make sure the message is clear, concise and it sums of your offer.
  4. The Creative: When it comes to email marketing, looks matter to millennials. Retina displays serve up higher quality images and look better on mobile. Your images should be saved at 2x the number of pixels for the width of the email. So, if an email image is 33×250, you want to save the image at 600×250.
  5. The Offer: Bringing value to your audience and give them a reason to open your emails. Think about free gifts or bonus perks, discounts or savings, experience, expertise and the level of the service provided.
  6. The Call-To-Action (CTA): The CTA is how the reader engages and takes action from your email, so make sure it’s clearly stated and tappable (44px)!

What now? Get out there–get to know your target audience, evaluate the elements of your email campaigns, create a subject line strategy and launch your new campaigns!

Want more information? Check out the playback of our recent webinar on the Elements of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns.

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