How To Keep Couples Coming Back


Have you ever had an appointment with a potential client only to find they stood you up? We’ve created a list of tips and tricks for you to follow the next time you are scheduling an appointment with a potential client. Check them out!

1. Make it personal: Couples have told us they feel a personal connection with a wedding pro, they feel an obligation to “do right by them”. By connecting with the bride and groom on a personal level, you create a compelling reason for them to contact you if they are unable to make an appointment or are considering not showing up. In your initial conversations, spend a few extra minutes asking about their engagements, their families, their jobs and their dream wedding. Those few extra minutes may mean one extra booking in your schedule!

2. Spend more time vetting: A big reason for no-shows stems from the couple not truly being a good match for your service. By spending a little more time upfront understanding their needs, you’ll be better equipt to position your service as the right fit or save yourself time knowing they will most likely be happier with something else. This way, you can spend more time on appointments with the right potential clients.

3. Track it: Do most of your no-shows happen between 5-7pm? Are most of no-shows on a Friday? Start tracking this activity to assess better days and times for making appointments with clients.

4. Confirmation is key: Send an email the day before with an agenda for the appointment and copy another person on your team who may be joining. Also, consider referring some fo the personal information you’ve gathered on the couple and their event. These small gestures show the couple that you have prepared time just for them and there are multiple people scheduling their day around the meeting and reinforces the personal connection you are building with them!


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