#MoreReviewsMonday: 4 Simple Tips On Managing Customer Reviews

Hi there fellow wedding professionals, Jerry Bazata here from DJ Jaz Music and Entertainment. I’m back to talk to you about managing your reviews.

As you may know, reviews can potentially be damaging to your business–and I am not talking about a negative review (which contrary to popular belief, can actually a positive!).  Rather, it’s the way we manage the review process. What can you do to manage your reviews better and add to your bottom line?

Review star hangingHere are 4 simple tips on how you can manage your reviews effectively:

  1. Pre-screen your reviews for content: Prior to asking a client to post a review on The Knot, send them a personal email asking for feedback about your performance.  Read the response and highlight one or two unique thoughts they shared, and then invite them to post those thoughts in a review. If there is anything negative about your performance, show them you care! Use this as an opportunity to address those concerns with the couple off-line. This will help drive positive sentiment, and the couple may rethink their experience and leave you a positive review!
  2. Respond and Interact with your ClientsWhen you receive a review, acknowledge it by thanking the client. Leaving a review takes time and effort on your client’s part, so show them how appreciative you are. When you thank them, be sure to highlight something unique you did that they might have left out of the review. And don’t forget to customize your communication with clients about their review–remember, it’s all about the personal touch and showing them you care.
  3. Respond Professionally: Should you be fortunate enough to get a constructive negative review on your business page, look at it as an opportunity. While you might initially get defensive, take a step back and think carefully about what you want to put in writing. Your response should be short, concise and to the point. Here are some tips:
    • Acknowledge the fact you did not meet the clients expectations
    • Let them know that you will strive to improve and learn from their feedback
    • Congratulate the client on their special day and wish them well
  4. Be Transparent with Reviews: Don’t be afraid or ashamed to admit that you have received a less than stellar review from a past client. The conversation might go similar to one I had recently with a prospective client:

DJ:  Did you have a chance to read my reviews on The Knot?

Bride: Yes I did and I like some of the ideas the other brides shared in their comments. 

DJ: Did you read the review by Julie where I did not quite meet her expectations?

Bride: Yes I did, but you had so many positive comments, I simply brushed it off as a bride that was just not happy with her day overall.

Reviews are just one part of your overall marketing strategy and brand perception. Use them as a communication tool to prospects to showcase your business and your personality.

What tactics have you found to be successful in managing reviews? Tweet #MoreReviewsMonday @TheKnotPro!



Panel9-200x300Jerry Bazata has over 25 years of experience as a professional mobile entertainer. He is the owner of DJ Jaz Music and Entertainment, J & J Marketing and Entertainment, Wedding DJs of Maine, and a leading consultant to the event planning and music industries.  Jerry has been a featured speaker numerous times at the International Bar & Restaurant Show in Las Vegas, the International DJ Expo in Atlantic City and regional wedding industry networking and trade show events. He provides guidance and inspiration to help wedding and event planning business owners achieve their financial goals. Jerry is proud to be an advertiser with The Knot for the past 4 years and has received the Best of Weddings Award in 2013 and 2015. You can visit Jerry’s website, Maine Disc Jockey or email him at Jerry@mainediscjockey.com and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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