A Letter From The Knot

A letter from Rebecca Crumley, Weddings Photo Director, The Knot:

CrumsYou’ve probably noticed by now that we’ve relaunched TheKnot.com. Now that the site is live, we’re finding that the real work is at hand. Every day our team is researching, testing and iterating what we can improve and continue to build.

On behalf of The Knot, I want to openly say thank you to the Real Weddings community for hanging in there, providing feedback, and continuing to support to our brand. We’re thrilled to have your work represent us so well!

We’ve expanded our editorial staff and are adding more Real Wedding features across the website. Please check out our 2016 Spring/Summer Real Weddings print deadline schedule. Not sure you can make the deadline? We accept photos throughout the year and are happy to feature a wedding online promptly after the initial submission, and review it again when it’s time to review that local market for magazine placement!

Photographers may upload images to www.twobrightlights.com/theknot and then the photographer, or any other tagged vendors, may send it our way. Print is considered exclusive and web is non-exclusive.

We’re driven to adapt wedding planning to today’s millennials–making sure tools, inspiration and local wedding professionals are at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they are planning. Local wedding pros like you power our mission and inspire our ambitious minds every day. Highlighting your expertise and connecting you with our couples is at the core of what we do at The Knot.

We appreciated your continued partnership and look forward to the next twenty years and beyond with The Knot.

Yours. Truly.



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