8 Trends You Need to Know From The 2014 Real Wedding Study


Knowing your audience is the key to success, especially when it comes to the style preferences and spending habits of today’s couple! Our annual Real Wedding Study captures the details of who our couple is, how much they’re spending, style trends and more — based on responses from nearly 16,000 couples married in the U.S. in 2014.

So, what is “Our Couple” up to this year? We’ve got the scoop, check it out:

  1. They’re spending more! Wedding budgets continue to rise– with an average spend of $31,213 (engagement ring included) and 45% of couples are going over their budget.
  2. They’re focusing more on their guests! Since 2009, the average guest list size has decreased from 149 to 136, yet the average spend per guest has increased from $194 to $233. Creating a unique personalized guest experience is important– more couples are opting to have unique details such as signature wedding cocktails and guest entertainment.
  3. They’re splitting the cost! On average, the bride’s parents contribute 43%, the bride and groom contribute 43%, and the groom’s parents contribute to 12% of the total wedding budget (others account for the remaining 2%). Only 12% of couples pay for the wedding entirely themselves.
  4. They’re not rushing! The average engagement length is 14 months and 35% are planning their wedding for 12 or more months in advance.
  5. They’re using smartphones to for planning!  Our couple is researching everything from venues to gowns using their mobile devices–71% have accessed TheKnot.com from their smartphones.
  6. They’re using Save-The-Dates! 75% of couples used Save-The-Dates in 2014 and 50% had professionally made Save-The-Dates with an average cost of $152.
  7. They’re showing off their unique style! While banquet halls, hotels, and country clubs are still popular venue options, about 40% are looking for more unusual venues that better reflect their personalities. More couples are shifting away from formal weddings and identifying their wedding style as casual.
  8. They’re focusing on the party! Our couple is spending less on their ceremony and spending more on reception categories such as catering, musicians, and cake.

Are you on TheKnot.com? 37% of couples visited TheKnot.com before they even get engaged! Make sure you’re positioned in front of these couples during the right time of their wedding planning process.

Source: The Knot Real Weddings 2014 Study



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