#MoreReviewsMonday: Top Tip For Getting More Reviews

What’s the best way to get more reviews for your wedding business?

The answer is simple…ASK! Often times the biggest thing holding businesses back from getting more online reviews is the fact that they don’t have a system in place for requesting reviews.

Here are some quick tips for making the ask:

  • Email customers with simple directions on where to leave a review
  • Contact your customers soon after they have used your products/services (7-10 days) since the experience will be fresh in their mind
  • Mention the desire to be reviewed and let customers know how important reviews are for your business
  • Make your review request personalized so your customer knows how valued they are
  • Let your website visitors know where your reviews can be made and found
    • PRO TIP: Post reviews badges to your site to let visitors know they can review you on The Knot

Just by asking you can open the door up for up for getting more reviews.

How do you request reviews from your customers?


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