PRO POST: 3 Myths About the Impact of Reviews on Your Business

Professional Photo.JBHi there fellow wedding professionals, this is Jerry Bazata from DJ Jaz Music and Entertainment. I’m happy to be guest blogging for The Knot, and am here to talk to you about reviews!

Over recent years the wedding industry has developed an obsession with reviews as an indication of the success–or failure–of a business. As wedding professionals, we strive to achieve the perfect “5 Golden Stars” rating with every client, and are always aiming to get as many reviews as possible to prove that we are the best in the business. In doing so, we often lose track of the real goal and the true meaning of reviews.

Here are 3 myths to be aware of when managing your reviews:

Myth 1: The More, the Better 

While having a ton of reviews is a huge achievement, it could be misleading. Popular thinking is that the more reviews you gather, the greater the likelihood your company will get noticed, and that prospects read tons of reviews about your business before making a decision. The truth is, less–but newer and more powerful–can be more.

On average, a prospect will only read the first 2–3 most recent reviews about a business before making a decision. So, touting that you have hundreds of reviews may not be as powerful as you might think. The truth is, prospects aren’t going to read every single review, particularly if it is several years old. Also, hundreds of reviews may call into question the validity of those reviews and the genuine nature of their content.

Instead focus on getting quality reviews that speak more to how your products or services have helped your customers, and focus on getting newer, more recent clients to leave those reviews.

Myth 2: Perfection is Deception

No one is perfect! More than 90% of potential clients place less confidence in a business with glowing reviews and a perfect “5 Golden Star” rating, than a business with the occasional average review. In fact, I personally received a negative review that was titled “unimpressed!” Prospects I spoke with who saw that review were “unimpressed” by the review’s comments, and went on to say that it actually made me a more legitimate business in their eyes.

In the words of one of my prospects-turned client, “You are human, you will make mistakes and you can’t please everyone.”  Remember, negative reviews are good too. They add credibility to your business and provide you the opportunity to engage with your customers to gain insight into how you can improve your offerings. Be sure to respond to negative reviews to show customers, and potential customers, that you care!

Myth 3: Any Review is Better Than No Review

If a review simply states the obvious and does nothing more than support your marketing statements, prospects will be left with no clue as to what makes you unique and better than your competition. An overwhelming majority of the reviews I see for DJs all say the same thing; “Played the music we requested, packed the dance floor, was great to work with and was responsive to our needs.” I’d say these are pretty standard expectations for every professional Disc Jockey, right?

You can have hundreds of reviews, but if they all say this very same statement in one form or another, then you really aren’t getting “quality” reviews and aren’t showing potential clients what you are all about. Encourage reviewers to speak to how your products or services added value to their experience, and about all the little things you did throughout the process to help make their big day special.

Hopefully by debunking a few myths–and sharing a some real-life examples–about reviews I’ve inspired you to manage your reviews more proactively, listen closer and respond faster to what customers are saying about you and your business. Check back next #MoreReviewsMonday for 4 simple ways to manage your reviews more effectively and how you can strengthen your online presence.

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Jerry Bazata has over 25 years of experience as a professional mobile entertainer. He is the owner of DJ Jaz Music and Entertainment, J & J Marketing and Entertainment, Wedding DJs of Maine, and a leading consultant to the event planning and music industries.  Jerry has been a featured speaker numerous times at the International Bar & Restaurant Show in Las Vegas, the International DJ Expo in Atlantic City and regional wedding industry networking and trade show events. Jerry’s charismatic, humorous and down-to-earth style allows attendees to get educated in an entertaining manner. He provides guidance and inspiration to help wedding and event planning business owners achieve their financial goals. Jerry is proud to be an advertiser with The Knot for the past 4 years and has received the Best of Weddings Award in 2013 and 2015. You can visit Jerry’s website, Maine Disc Jockey or email him at

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