Introducing The Knot Pro Reads!

There’s nothing better than getting sucked into a great book, especially one that inspires, and is relevant to helping you grow your business! As creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and newest ideas to execute your business strategy, become an influential leader, and position your company for success.

Introducing The Knot Pro Reads, a new book club designed specifically for wedding professionals like you…with love!

We’re kicking off with a book we’re currently obsessed with, Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and Life, One Conversation at a Time by Susan Scott.


Connecting with your customers on an emotional level can be tough. When your customers come to you, they want to engage with you through thoughtful conversations and develop a trusted relationship with you. However, we often find ourselves having very surface-level conversations that never really get down to the stuff that matters to them. The result–poor customer service and uncommitted relationships that can hurt your business.

Fierce Conversations will help you transcend your customer relationships, one fierce conversation at a time. Susan Scott is a best-selling author and leadership development architect who encourages business leaders and CEOs across the globe to actively engage themselves in fierce conversation, not only with others, but with themselves. Scott fiercely maintains that “the conversation is the relationship!”

In this book, you will learn 7 key strategies for connecting with others on a deeper level, tips for understanding your clients needs, and how to get more business by becoming highly skilled at crafting deeply rewarding professional relationships–all one conversation at a time.

Fierce Conversations is a quick and easy read that provides simple examples and exercises, that will enable anyone to become a black-belt conversationalist. Practice one strategy a week and get feedback from those you engage with–and get fierce!


Tell us what you think about this book, we’d love to hear your feedback!
Plus, be sure to share any suggestions you might have for future The Knot Pro Read books! 


One response to “Introducing The Knot Pro Reads!

  1. Great article, Gabrielle. I look forward to reading Fierce Conversations – I’m sure it will provide some great insights for building better customer relationships with my photography clients.

    The Knot Pro Reads book club is a fantastic idea! I’m really excited about the sort of resources I’m sure you’ll offer here. I wanted to reach out with a suggestion for you to review, as I think it might be a perfect fit. The book is The Joy of Your Love: An Inspired Guide to Your Best Wedding, by Reverend Marcia Boyer (I believe she is one of your vendors, too).

    Cheers to good reads!

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