SEO Success for Your Business


Last week we had special guests Cheryl & Shea Bailey from Wedding Industry Rescue join us for an informative webinar on Search Engine Optimization. The webinar was chock-full of valuable insights and real-world examples, including the basics of SEO, the top 3 concepts every wedding professional needs to know, and how SEO can be used to grow your business. See below for a quick recap:

  • Figure out who your ideal client is, and design your website to feel like you’re having a conversation with them
  • Stay relevant with what’s going on in the industry
  • Connect frequently with your clients through social media, blogging, etc.
  • Think about the user experience.  Is your website mobile-friendly?
  • Analyze your website’s performance through tools like Google Analytics

Want to learn more?  Click here for the full webinar playback.

2 responses to “SEO Success for Your Business

  1. I’m a new advertiser with The Knot so I realize I’m late on this webinar but I really wanted to thank you. It was so helpful and informative. I am extremely thankful and excited to revamp my SEO. Thanks!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you were able to gain some helpful info from our webinar. And welcome to The Knot. We’ve been with The Knot as advertisers for a few years now and have had amazing results!

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