Use Reviews to Grow Your Wedding Business

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Did you know that millennials are 86 million-strong in the US? That’s the largest generation in US History–and that means, they are your most important customers right now! They’re a fascinating generation who are obsessed with technology, and love to show off their unique and personal style. What’s more, they value authenticity, and trust the authentic voice of peer reviews when making purchase decisions.

As a wedding professional, how do you get reviews?

Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts to follow:


  • Mention the desire to be reviewed
  • Email customers with simple directions on where to leave a review
  • Feel free to offer a small gift or discount off of future services
  • Consider surveys as additional source of feedback


  • Have customers write reviews within your place of business
  • Have customers write reviews prior to services being offered
    • A positive review in in exchange for discounts is prohibited.
  • Contracts including a “positive review only” clause
    • Reflects poorly on your business
    • Customers need the true story

Did you know that negative reviews are valuable too?

We know that 95% of readers become suspicious when they see only positive reviews, and 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both negative and positive reviews. Feedback is very helpful–even when it’s not so positive–and is a good opportunity to reflect on your business.  We understand it can be frightening and frustrating to get a review that you’re not satisfied with, or feel that you don’t deserve. On the flip side, it helps identify areas for improvement by providing valuable insight into what you can do to improve your business, and offers transparency into your customers needs. When responding to a negative review, remember the 3 “R”’s: Read it (reflect), Relax (breathe), and Respond (short & sweet).

Do you want to hear more about  how reviews can grow your business with millennials? Watch the replay of the full webinar with hosts Gabrielle Rolon, Director of Education, and Sarah Selph, Associate  Manager & Strategy Specialist, to learn more!

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