The Knot Wedding Planner App: Our New App, Your New Opportunity

tk_planner_weddingset Wondering what the new Wedding Planner app is all about? We’ve got your answers! Check out our latest webinar—The Knot Wedding Planner App: Our New App, Your New Opportunity—and let our team walk you through the new Wedding Planner app. Plus, get tips on maximizing your presence in the app and advice on reaching more brides.

Also, see below for answers to some of the most popular questions we received.

Q: How can nearly-weds download The Knot Wedding Planner app?

A:  Nearly-weds can quickly find and download the app right from the iTunes App store!  The Knot Wedding Planner shows up as the first result or within the first set of results when brides:

  • Search for “The Knot
  • Search for “Wedding”
  • Search for “Bride” or “Wedding Planner”

Q: Do I have to be an advertiser to be seen on The Knot Wedding Planner app?

A: No.  However, those who advertise receive premier placement within the app.  Advertisers will always appear first with a large, beautiful profile image.  Non-advertisers will appear below all advertisers with a smaller profile image.

Q: How do the ads rotate within The Knot Wedding Planner app?

A: Advertisers in the same geographic location and ad tier will rotate with every new search the bride performs. The Knot values all of our wedding professionals, and wants to be as fair as possible to those who purchase advertising packages.

Q: Where does the content for the Inspiration and Real Weddings come from?

A: The beautiful images that appear within the app are submitted by the bride or the photographer to The Knot via the Real Weddings submission process.  Check out our latest exciting news for an even easier way to submit photos to The Knot.

Q: Will I know how many brides are seeing my ad on The Knot Wedding Planner app?

A: Absolutely!  Within My Account, your Storefront tracking data now includes both and The Knot Wedding Planner app data.

Q: What if I work from home and don’t want the brides to know where I live? What can I use as an address or zip code?

A: In order to appear in the app, your city and state must be filled in. However, if you submit a full address, the app displays a map and a link with directions to your specific location. If only a city and state are given, the pin will center on the city center, and therefore, can mask your home address.


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