Email Marketing to Brides

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This past Tuesday, Mary Lou Pernod, our Regional Sales Director, lead an informative session on email marketing to brides.  From messaging to design, she elaborated on the key points to creating an effective email program for your business and how to get started!

Listen to our webinar and see below for answers to some of the most popular questions we received.

Q: How can I get more email addresses?

A: Include an opt-in box on your website! Better yet, you probably have a section on your site for brides to fill out a form to ask for more information. Somewhere in that form, add a checkbox for her to opt in for emails from you. You can even have the box pre-checked.

Another idea is to have sign-up forms available at your place of business or at bridal shows and events.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for sharable content?

A: We’ve got a few ideas for you. One thing that people love to share is an offer or discount.(Everyone loves to save money!) Another share-worthy item might be a really interesting story or little known fact. Great imagery is also something brides love to share. Another way to get someone to share content is to straight out say things like “Share this with your groom!” or “Love these bridesmaids dresses? Show your girls!”

Q: How can you help prevent your email from being flagged as spam?

A: Here are some tips to follow:

  • Use exclamation points sparingly
  • Don’t use all capitals
  • Avoid using these spam triggers:
    • $$$
    • 100%
    • Buy Now
    • Cheap
    • Requested
    • Offer
    • Affordable
    • Free
    • Extra
    • For You
    • Opportunity
    • Apply Now
    • Free Info
    • Amazing Stuff
    • 50%

Q: A bride is a one-time customer. How can I create a repeat customer?

A: Although she is a bride for one day, she still has other events in her life in which you can be play a part. For example, if you are a florist, continue to email her with holiday offers, anniversary congratulations and seasonal specials. She will be buying flowers for many occasions and you want her to remember you for those purchases.

Q: Can you explain the emails that The Knot sends?

A: The Knot offers our advertisers the opportunity to email the brides in an area who have opted in to receive promotional email offers from local wedding professionals. Once you decide that you want to invest in email marketing with us, we select a date based on available inventory and we work with you to create a compelling email blast to your local bride. There is only one blast to local brides in a given day and you own that day exclusively. Your message comes via The Knot, letting brides know you are one of our trusted partners. Costs for this program vary by location and quantify. You can reach out to your local sales representative or if you don’t have one, please call (800) 843-4983.

Q: Should I include pricing in my email marketing?

A: We feel that showcasing your prices before you know anything about the bride is premature. You need to uncover what her needs are first (i.e. what is the wedding date, how many guests, scope of services, quality of content, etc.) before you can determine your price. Present the value of your service (not your price) and what makes you unique in your email. We did another webinar about selling to today’s brides and went into more detail about selling on value, not price. Listen to it here.

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