“Life Hacks” (Wedding Professionals Edition) — The Totty Belt!

Round four of our series of expert “Life Hacks” articles (with a wedding professional twist, of course!), provided by top wedding industry professionals is here!

totty JPEGHands free has an all new meaning!  The Totty Belt is a designers’ tool belt that can easily be worn and used by tailors, florists, wedding planners, catering managers, technical directors, event producers, interior designers, lighting techs, fashion designers, make-up artists, event producers, hair stylists, you name it, if you design and create, the Totty Belt is a perfect addition to your day to day attire!

The original Totty Belt is handmade in Mexico and has a lambskin finish.  The belt is black and has a silver belt buckle and silver zippers. The Totty Belt has an outer 8” by 8” pocket that zips and can securely hold all types of items. There is a hidden inner pocket that is 6” across the back of the belt that can hold personal items such as keys, money or other personal items. The slip on carrier that slides onto the belt loop holds several different types of tools such as clippers, pruners, cutters, and scissors, tape measurer, walkie talkies, a cell phone and any other type of necessity needed to produce your design. There are two smaller pockets located on the slip on carrier that is perfect for safety pins, bobby pins, or any other small item that needs to stay securely in one place.  In addition to the black lambskin version is a durable and sleek canvas material version, which comes in 3 colors – beige, blue and black.  The material is washable – a great long-term tool for every wedding professional!

The newest addition, The Digi Belt, is made especially for photographers and videographers and will be debuting November 15!  Professionals can hook lenses, batteries for gear, CDs, SDs – and it also comes with a hidden pocket for money and personal belongings.  The Digi Belt comes in a durable black canvas finish.

Check out the video below to see this belt in action and for ideas on how you can use one in your business as a wedding professional!

Brit-Bertino-website_600p-e1356380386761Brit Bertino, CSEP

Since opening her own company in 2002, Brit Bertino is fast becoming one of the most sought after new wedding and event producers. With 10 years of experience in the wedding and event industry, she has built outstanding relationships with some of the top event partners in the industry. With her innovative ideas and unique solutions, she provides her clients with something beyond their expectations.  In addition to having a flourishing core event business, Brit has extended her brand to include tools for wedding and event professionals. In the Fall of 2011 Brit introduced to the event industry the Totty Belt, (www.tottybelt.com) which is a sleek and trendy tool belt for all event producers and designers. All tool belts can be found and purchased on the online website.

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