“Life Hacks” (Wedding Professionals Edition) — Big City Bride

BCBIt’s time for round three of our series of expert “Life Hacks” articles (with a wedding professional twist, of course!) — provided by top wedding industry professionals!

This article was contributed by Wedding Industry Expert Susan Cordogan with Big City Bride.

Our world has become technologically dependent.  Mobile devices, social media, and cutting edge technology have shaped the way we all do business.

That being said, one quick tip is to pack the gear to solve any mobile device power crisis. Chances are you have a variety of mobile devices. But, if you don’t then you likely know people with every cell phone, tablet, or PDA (personal digital assistant). Get as many power adapters as you can and keep them at your fingertips. You’ll be a power hero when you help a wedding guest or vendor in need of a charge.

Be a social butterfly! Utilize the many available platforms to show off your hard work. Much of what we do with weddings surrounds photos of our product. Make it a priority and bring yourself as close to the social media circuit as you can.

Check out the photo gallery below for gorgeous pictures from some of Susan’s events!  Photography by Robyn Rachel Photography

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HEADSHOTSusan Cordogan has produced weddings and special events for more than fourteen years. She and her team at Big City Bride have earned a respected reputation with clients and industry experts. With a background in television production, Susan’s weddings and events are planned with style, surprise and creativity. She has experience exceeding 1,000 weddings and events. You can be sure you’ll receive the best guidance, ideas, style and support in planning your wedding weekend.

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