Real Wedding Submissions: The Top “Can’t Miss” Detail Shots

TKRNCA13SS_AmyMichael28When it comes to real wedding submissions, it truly is all about the details. A the majority of the images you select should be dedicated to fresh and inspiring shots highlighting each facet of the Big Day.  A competitive submission is one that takes a comprehensive look at all things big and small–from shots of the bride’s antique pearl earrings as she gets ready, to the late night food truck that arrives much to the guests’ delight.

So what are some of the top “can’t miss” detail shots that you may or may not be including?

  1. Invitations/Stationery– Gorgeous wedding day stationery, from menus and place cards to the seating chart and programs, are typically an obvious inclusion but many wedding professionals overlook the key component that started it all: the invitation. A wedding invitation sets the tone for the rest of the event and also deserves its due as much as the other details, so be sure to grab an extra copy from the bride and have a few shots taken on site.
  2. The Venue Shot– If the wedding invitation sets the tone, then the venue sets the scene.  Most wedding professionals are quick to add an image or two of the venue “dressed up and ready to go” just prior to the guests arriving, but they often overlook a shot of the exterior, which gives readers a better idea of the overall feel of the location. It’s especially important to include these kinds of shots in submissions to regional magazines because a sense of place is extra important to the magazine’s editorial mission. On that note, remember to include day time and evening shots as well, as venues can look decidedly quite different depending on the lighting.
  3. Lighting Components– Event Lighting continues to be one of the “must haves” for brides, as it has the ability to transform a space. If including shots of the reception space prior to the party, don’t forget to add a couple of the same spots once the event lighting specialist has had the opportunity to do their magic. The difference can often be striking- and worth sharing.
  4. The Menu– These days,  a wedding day menu is no longer relegated to simply a standard filet with a side of mashed potatoes. Couples are taking creative license by crafting signature cocktails, working closely with chefs on menus featuring local ingredients and even offering late night fare for those still on the dance floor. These components are every bit as important, so be sure to include a few images to reflect these efforts.
  5. Stolen Moments– While details reign supreme on real wedding submissions, it certainly doesn’t hurt to send along quiet moments captured of the couple through their special day. Did the steal a kiss on the stairwell prior to being announced? Did the couple hold hands under the table during the toasts? If so, include these token romantic moments. They will help the photos tell a stronger story and pull at the heartstrings of the readership.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your role in part is that of the story-teller. Including some of the “must have” shots above will get you that much closer to the real wedding feature you desire.

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding marketing and wedding PR firm OFD Consulting, which specializes in getting wedding professionals their brides. She is a highly sought after industry speaker and serves as a Public Relations adjunct professor for Virginia Commonwealth University.

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