The NEW Sales Essentials for Wedding Pros

veer_SBP0325118Missed last night’s webinar? Andy Ebon joined us to share the new essentials for improving your selling tactics and having more productive (and profitable!) conversations with potential new clients.

Our live audience was all over the Twittersphere repeating some of Andy’s great advice. Here are some of the best snippets.

…on discovering a bride’s priorities,

 “Ask your brides, what do you want to remember about your wedding in 25 years”

…on talking about your fees, Andy recommends saying,

 “We EARN the fee quoted to you by doing an excellent job year after year at that particular venue on a consistent basis.”

…on addressing brides considering a low-priced alternative,

 “You never go wrong with the results when you pay top dollar for services, you get what you pay for.”

…on responding to leads,

“Respond quickly and you’ll have an immediate opportunity to stand out and book new business.”

Catch the FULL REPLAY here!

Also you can contact Andy anytime at!

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