How to Compete for Best of Weddings 2014


Ever wonder how other pros win the Best of Weddings award? This highly coveted industry award is based on real reviews submitted to by brides (and grooms!) each year. has grown to over 600,000 reviews – making it a preeminent source of trusted information for brides making purchasing decisions.

For Best of Weddings 2014, wedding professionals must have 10 reviews  submitted between November 8, 2012 and September 8, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST to be considered for the award. After that, scores are graded on criteria set for each market and category to produce the winners!

(NOTE: The deadline is NOW EXTENDED to October 6, 2013 at 11:59pm CST so you have even more time to get your reviews!!)

Want even more information? Watch the replay of our recent 60 minute webinar, where you’ll learn:

• How we pick the winners, including new 2014 selection criteria
• Creative strategies to ask your clients for a review
• Tips to get more mileage out of the reviews you have

Brides recognize and trust the Best of Weddings affiliation – make sure you are armed with all of the information you need to compete!

Need help with your reviews?  As always your Strategy Specialist is available to help. Give them a call at (877) 331-7752 or email

29 responses to “How to Compete for Best of Weddings 2014

  1. Is there any way to get a print-out of the webinar? My computer is too old and won’t let me join in on your webinars, but I am very interested in the one you had on April 18th…How to compete for Best of Weddings 2014.

  2. This is such a great topic. I hate that I missed the webinar. I would really love a copy as well. Do you mind emailing me, if its not too late?

  3. For those of you who have had trouble with the replay, we’re so sorry! We’ve posted the slides at the top of the post. You can view them in your internet browser or save them as a PDF. Enjoy!

  4. I see that the deadline is extended, but still, why are reviews that are submitted between October 7th and November 8th not counted? or is next years going to be October 8, 2013 through October 7, 2014? Just wondering why if it is a “Best of” a whole year why a full 12 months of reviews are not counted?

    • Hi Fletcher, we needed to move the deadline earlier this year to resolve some operational and content production issues. So we are temporarily experiencing an 11 month window for the 2014 award, but next year we’ll continue this cycle of Oct-Oct for a 12 month window. Reviews submitted after the October 6, 2013 deadline will count toward next year’s award.

  5. are we able to transfer reviews from wedding wire to theknot? i had a few people who i am trying to contact to write reviews on theknot after already leaving one on ww for me but hard to get them to write another review.

    • Hi!

      While we don’t have a tool to transfer reviews from other sites, I would suggesting logging into “My Account” (, and utlizing the “manage your reviews” tab to send a request for reviews to your brides. If you send the email to yourself, it’s easier to alter the message and maybe say “can you please add the review you left on xyz site to my Storefront with”
      Good luck!

  6. I really wish the deadline was in November. I have so many weddings in October and would actually have a chance if the date was later. 😦

    • Thanks for the feedback! Don’t forget — you can get reviews from all of your October weddings for the 2015 Best of Weddings. Also, please reach out to your brides from past weddings as well! There are still three days (including today) to encourage those reviews!

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