Recap: Marketing Design Secrets from The Special Event 2013

Last week we met with hundreds of event planners at The Special Event 2013 in Chicago! While we were there, I shared our top marketing design secrets to help super-charge your brand and your business for the year ahead. Here’s a recap of what we discussed. You can download the slides from my presentation below!

Secret #1: Build a Brand Asset Library

Your brand is composed of a number of design elements, fonts, colors, your logo, and a small collection of photos. Put them all together in a folder to keep on hand for easy access whenever you have a new print piece, advertisement, or PR opportunity that requires your branding.

Secret #2: Reconsider your Logo

Your logo might be hurting your business. Choose a logo that works on both white and colored backgrounds. You might want to have your designer create a version that works in a large format and another version for tiny formats like your Twitter avatar.

Secret #3: Update your Photos!

We all know a picture speaks a thousand words–if your photos are out of date, they may be saying the same about your business. So choose photos from the last 12-18 months and refresh annually. Not sure what makes a good photo? Look for an image that has natural lighting, good detail and that really represents what YOU are all about as a professional. And don’t forget to choose photos based on where they will appear–(for example: high resolution photos with lots of detail for print versus low resolution images with one big bold look for a tiny online thumbnail.)

Secret #4: Be User Friendly

When designing your website, keep the navigation as simple as possible. If you serve more than one type of customer, create separate areas for them. Your top navigation on your homepage might simply list Corporate, Weddings, Children, Contact Us. Once the user clicks into their area, you’re free to add sub navigation so they can check out your galleries, packages, and other details.

Secret #5: Invest in Quality!

Quality, professionally made marketing materials and websites communicate that you are a professional business. It supports your pricing power and helps you attract the right kind of customer. If you DIY, do it well!

For more details and to see examples, download my slides TSE 2013 – Marketing Design Secrets.

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