Your Business Website Checklist

Here are our top do’s and don’ts for websites for wedding professionals. If you’re building a new site or redesigning your site you may want to check out our Get Started Guide to Websites.

  1. DO include your contact information in the footer or top right corner of every page. Users will look for it in either of those places.
  2. DON’T use auto-sound. If your site requires music, encourage users to click a button to turn the sound on when they are ready. If a bride is planning in a place where she can’t listen to music (like at work or in a waiting room), there’s no faster way to get her to leave  your site.
  3. DO use large format photos that tell a story. The best way to sell her on your services is to let the work speak for itself. There’s nothing more compelling than a really fun party shot to welcome her to your site.
  4. DON’T have an animated intro or welcome page. These are just a barrier between the user and the information they are seeking.
  5. DO keep it super simple. Simplify your navigation by grouping everything under a handful of channels. If you do more than just weddings, make sure your bridal clients can find an area exclusively devoted to weddings on your site. They don’t want to see baby photography or conference room space!
  6. DON’T forget to update your photos. Women can spot outdated hairstyles and shoes as soon as a year or two after an event. So keep them up to date to show how you’ll be able to create a fresh new look for their wedding.
  7. DO use professional photography. It’s polished and professional and that will reinforce that you are a pro!
  8. DON’T leave cobwebs around your site. If you have a “news” or “events” area and the most recent item was 18 months ago, it’s obsolete and should be removed.  Keep blogs and events areas as up to date as possible.
  9. DO research and implement a mobile solution. Whether you have a website with responsive design, and m. mobile site, or use a mobile redirect, make sure customers can find you on their mobile phones. You can find out more about our mobile solution here. It’s free to our advertising partners.
  10. DON’T forget to make it personal. Let your personality and brand shine through your site’s graphics, photographs, and copy with a voice that looks and sounds like you. After all, this is a potential new client’s first impression of you!

Feel free to add to our list by posting your own DO or DON’T in the comments section below!

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