Social Media Checklist

Don’t know the difference between a tweet, a pin, or a post? No problem. Read our social media checklist to understand each social network at a glance. Then check out our top tips to get a conversation started! Then check out our Get Started Guide to Social Media for more tips.

  • Facebook: Create a business page and your fans can “Like” you to follow your status updates. They see your posts in their newsfeed.
  • Twitter: this micro-blogging site limits your posts to 140 characters each. Use them to talk directly to other twitter users with the @ symbol before their name. Use a hashtag symbol (#) before a word or phrase to tag your post to common subject so others can quickly find it.
  • LinkedIn: a professional networking site that hosts a living, online resume (you can change it any time!) and facilitates networking groups for a variety of industries.
  • Pinterest: Users “pin” photos from the web to virtual “boards” to show off their personal style, collect ideas for projects (like weddings!) and curate inspiring images from all over the web.
  • Instagram: This social network is all about posting photos from your phone’s camera. You can enhance your photos with a variety of filters, add comments and hashtags

Try these conversation starters  and tips to engage with your followers:

  • Post a behind the scenes photo
  • Ask your followers which of two items they prefer
  • Welcome a colleague who is new to Twitter
  • Retweet and Reply or Like and Comment on others’ posts
  • Compliment a colleague or employee
  • Congratulate a client on their marriage or anniversary
  • Post a link to a helpful article
  • Promote useful information on your blog or website
  • Offer advice on how to do something
  • Share something personal once in a while (but not too personal!)
  • Let them know you’ve updated your profile with our social sharing tool

Above all remember to keep it fun and positive. No complaining, whining or arguing!

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