Get Started with Social Media

Whether you have a new business or are just new to social media, this get started guide will give you an overview of all the major sites so you can decide which ones are right for you!  Even if you had unlimited time for social networking (we’re guessing you don’t!) you should only participate to the extent that social supports your overall business goals: building your brand, acquiring new customers, and interacting with existing customers.

  1. Lose the ‘tude: Social media can draw a strong reaction, and some of those attitudes might be holding you back. Think you’re not a “facebook person”? Your customers are, so if you want to attract their business, you’ll take some time to learn. It’s not as scary as you might think. Think your brand’s too high class for Facebook? If Chanel is on Facebook, you should be too!
  2. Understand the social networks, how they differ and the kinds of activities you’ll engage in on each one. They are not all one and the same. Don’t know the difference between a tweet, a pin and and post? Don’t worry, use our social media checklist to sort them out.
  3. Sync your accounts to your phone with each network’s app and with your My Account for easy social sharing. Having the apps on your phone will make it easy to update your accounts when you’re not in front of your computer. The social sharing tool inside My Account makes it easy to post to multiple sites at the same time with just a few clicks.
  4. Start posting! Mix it up by posting photos from recent events, quotes that inspire you, useful tips, and important announcements. Keep it fun, personal, and user-oriented. Rather than shouting “me me me!” provide valuable or entertaining information that delights your followers.
  5. Follow and Interact: Follow industry colleagues and customers you know well. They will see that you’ve set up an account and will likely follow you back. Don’t just post on your own page or tweet into thin air—talk to other people in your tweets or post on their Facebook pages to get a conversation started.

Remember that your social activities are only valuable if they are supporting your brand’s reputation and sending you business. Make sure to monitor how much traffic is coming to your website from social media sites, and ask customers how they found out about you. You may be able to narrow it down to one or two social platforms that really contribute to your business. Social networks are famous time sucks so these practices will ensure you can connect your sales to the time you spend being social.

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