Introducing Easier Social Sharing

TK_B2B_SocialSharing_ScreenshotsAre you sharing with your Facebook and Twitter followers when you add new photos to your online portfolios? Are you letting your connections on LinkedIn know when you’ve got a great new recommendation? It’s good to get into a habit of sharing after you make a change to your profile on The Knot. It can help you build a social following and keep the conversation going with your fans, followers, and connections. But who has time to log in and out of multiple social media sites to make all your posts?

Now you can share your news with just a few clicks by using our Social Sharing Tool inside My Account. The tool allows you to sync your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. After you’ve added your accounts, you can share your news with just a few easy clicks.

You can use our suggested posts, edit them, or create your own post. Choose to share something to just one, two or all three social networks depending on the content of the post. Want to go hashtag crazy in a post for Twitter or go over 140 characters in a post for Facebook? Not a problem. The tool allows you to choose which networks you want to post to with each post.

Still not sure what to expect? Check it out for yourself! If you need help, call your Strategy Specialist at 1-877-331-7752.  Happy posting!

4 responses to “Introducing Easier Social Sharing

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  3. Please let me know how to link my theKnot profile with my facebook Business page – and not to my personal profile. My Business page is within my personal log in, but on twitter you can link seperately. Thanks

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