Introducing Unlimited Photos!


It’s holiday season and our elves (and by ‘elves’ I mean our fantastic tech team!) have been busy for weeks building some special new releases–the first of which launched last night. Our client portal, My Account, has a brand new look, and profile photos are now unlimited!

We’re excited because more photos means more examples of your work and better branding. Plus, it makes it even more fun for brides to learn about your business! Who doesn’t like more of a good thing? Check out how the new photo tab looks (left) with lots of images!

I know you’re thinking, Talk to me about this ‘unlimited’ thing. Do you mean I can upload as many photos as I want to my profile? Yes. Really? Yes. Can I upload 100? Yes. Can I upload 1000? Yes. But that might take a really long time! So there’s NO limit? You’re catching on! I’m glad we had this talk.

To get started just log in to MyAccount (don’t forget to notice how pretty it looks! If you want you can tweet @TheKnotDesign to tell them you like their work!) and upload away!

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