Top Marketing Tips to win Gay Wedding Business

The Knot B2B welcomes guest blogger and gay weddings expert Bernadette Coveney Smith, who shared the following post with us!

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 9.57.56 AMGay weddings are good for business, and with voters in Maryland, Maine and Washington voting to legalize same-sex marriage this week, businesses all over are seeing dollar signs.  Your business could just as easily fall flat so play attention to these five easy tips:

5. Don’t jump on some gay wedding promotional bandwagon.  History shows us in places like Washington, DC and Illinois that group wedding ceremonies and celebrations, and other non-custom wedding events fall flat.  There have been a number of group events, held right after the legalization of gay marriage or civil unions, that have been canceled or had disappointing turn-outs.  Simply put, a gay couple may have waited 40 years to get married – why would they do it at a group ceremony, or why would they celebrate with 500 strangers?

4.  Don’t go crazy with rainbows.  I was talking to two grooms the other day who went to a cake tasting for their upcoming wedding and the bakery had a giant rainbow wedding cake with rainbow fondant and two broadly smiling grooms as toppers.  Those symbols, while universally known, are a bit dated and cheesy.

3.  Don’t advertise in non-wedding arenas, like bars, non-wedding print magazines or Pride activities.  Think about it – would you advertise your wedding services to straight couples in People magazine?  You must target areas where same-sex couples are, not LGBT singles!  Be specific, not broad!

2.  Do update all of your marketing materials to be inclusive of same-sex couples and take the focus off the bride and groom.  What if there are two brides or two grooms? You could accidentally offend a potential client and make a costly financial mistake.

1.  Do be authentic.  Stick to your business plan and what has made your business successful so far.  Maintain the image you want for your brand.  If you have never participated in wedding expos before, then why do it now?  If you’ve never advertised on cheesy websites before, then why do it now?

Following these tips will help you get the right kind of same-sex couple to your business!  What are you planning to do when marketing to same-sex couples?

For more information, check out and register for the upcoming Gay Wedding Institute certification course.

About Bernadette

Bernadette Coveney Smith is founder and president of 14 Stories and the Gay Wedding Institute, and author of the book and the app, Gay Wedding Confidential. Bernadette is also the expert advice blogger on gay weddings for The Knot site, and a blogger for the Huffington Post.

Bernadette’s company, 14 Stories has offices in Boston and New York and, since 2004, has produced hundreds of gay and lesbian weddings with couples from 33 U.S. states.

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