Webinar recap: Are you Ready for Engagement Season?

Wedding pros everywhere are gearing up for one of the most important times to reach new brides-to-be – Engagement season!  Almost 40% of brides become engaged between the months of November and February– so now is the time to start fine tuning your 2013 marketing strategy.  Over 600 seasoned wedding pros joined us for last week’s webinar, but if you weren’t able to make it, here are some key steps to get ready for this engagement season!

  1. Check your Stats. Use My Account to benchmark and measure your progress.  Understanding your total page views, click-views, inquiries, and other stats will ensure you stay ahead of the competition.  Supplementing with other tracking services – like Google Analytics, is encouraged as well.
  2. Know the trends.  Twenties glamour?  Ritzy Ranch?  Hipster Chic?  Know which trends will be all the rage so you can pitch fresh ideas to brides looking for something new.
  3. Refresh your photos.  Use recent photos to stay current and relevant.  Brides LOVE checking out photos that tell a story.  Be sure brides can see themselves in your images.  For example, use a picture of a venue that is full with a wedding party, rather than a picture of an empty ballroom.
  4. Get (more!) social.  Who you are online is who people think you are in real life.  Put your best foot forward by remaining consistent and focused with your social media strategy.  Put the focus on engaging your brides and providing quality content.
  5. Go get your reviews.  Make sure brides are reviewing your services on WeddingChannel.com.  More reviews lead to more leads – and an increased chance of being a Best of Weddings pick if they are submitted before  November 3 at midnight!

Contact your Account Executive regarding new services.  Call 800-843-4983 or email localsales@theknot.com.

Contact your Strategy Specialist for help with an existing program at 877-331-7752 or email MyAccountHelp@theknot.com

To access a full replay of the webinar, click here.

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