how much traffic do you get from The Knot?

You might think you know the answer but if you are using Google Analytics, you may not be looking at the complete picture. Really? Let me explain.

With The Knot Wedding Network you have several sites that can give you traffic. If you’re only looking at traffic coming from, you’re missing the rest of the picture. The traffic coming from those other sites is tracked on separate lines when really they should be tracked together! The good news is you can create a “campaign” in Google Analytics to group all of the traffic together so you can view it in one place.

To create a campaign in Google Analytics, use their URL Builder tool to create a Custom Campaign.

  • First fill out the fields in the URL Builder Tool listing the domain of your business website and naming the campaign so you can recognize it later. When you’re done, click Generate URL

  • Next, copy that URL and log in to MyAccount. Under Contact Information there is a field called Tracking URL. Paste the Google Analytics URL into the Tracking URL field.

  • You’re done! That was easy. Now you can go back to Google Analytics and view all your traffic coming from The Knot Wedding Network under Traffic Sources/Campaigns–see below for how to find your campaign in Google Analytics.

Remember, the only way to know with 100% accuracy how many clicks are coming through to your website from The Knot is to use the reporting inside MyAccount. If for example a user opens your website on a new tab, Google Analytics will read this as “direct” traffic. So be aware that your Google Analytics campaign number and what you see in My Account may slightly differ. But your Google Analytics campaign will be a much closer representation of the traffic you get from The Knot than if you are simply looking at as a referring site.

As always if you have questions, give us a call! Our success managers are available to help you (M-F 7:30am-6pm CT) at 1-877-331-7752.

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